One aspect of the story I really enjoyed writing was Fee and Sarah’s big fight. That’s where we get to see a glimpse of that brother-sister relationship and some of its less flattering colors: jealousy, pride, pettiness. This is the other side of all that fierce love we see between these two characters at other times. When I saw it acted so brilliantly by Jordan and Tat, it felt so realistic, like one of those rehash arguments we have with our relatives over and over again. At the end of the day, we know they love each other… but at the moment? Not so much.

- Alex Levine, The Hive: Orphan Black Writers’ Notes

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Alison Hendrix 2.01 // 2.03

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mingling its own nature with it

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“…The only way to keep your secrets safe is to have none at all…” 

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Cosima’s eyes appreciation post


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I imagine its really uncomfortable for actors to read smut fan fiction about their characters. Unless its Zoie Palmer who I assume would read  enthusiastically and periodically shout out things like “YEAH LAUREN CAN GET IT”.  

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